Descriptions and specifications

Descriptions and specifications

توضیحات و ویژگی ها


Hologram stickers are one of the common methods to ensure the originality of the products. Hologram as the security sticker on the product can guarantee the originality of your products.

Holograms can be printed in various sizes and shapes and depending on your order and the product for labeling, they are various. One of the most important security features of holograms is that they cannot be usable if they are removed.

Hologram grouping:

Typical and two-dimensional holograms: These holograms can be supplied as two categories of multilayer and typical holograms. For which the common comments, such as “Original, Genuine, etc. are used, thereof it is possible to print serial numbers on these holograms.

3D Holograms: These holograms can be supplied in two categories of temper and VOID. For these holograms, the laser technique is used to illustrate pictures with color and depth. The temper  of these holograms includes two simple modes or the emergence of the phrase “OPENVOID”.