Rapid timely delivery

Whereas seals as an essential product can be one of the basic needs of every organization, its timely delivery is important, thus Payegan Group has been capable to accurately and quickly respond to customers’ orders through the design of an appropriate system and workflow, thereby it is ready to provide services for you in the most express time as possible.

Diversity of products

One of the key concerns of today’s organizations is competition, which is neither accidental nor providential. By improving the variety of the products and, of course, the increased quality, we have been able to have a significant contribution to meet the needs of both domestic and international markets.

Support and customer-oriented

In Payegan Team, the customer-oriented policy is our organizational culture and we appreciate the value and credit of our customers, hence we have been constantly attempting and supporting to attenuate the security concerns of the organizations along with their regular works.

Order Registration System

Payegan Team has the integrated order registration system with the feature of preserving the customer’s records and easy follow-up to provide the required information to its customers any time.

Production license

By promoting the unemployment problem that is some promising event, which can be actualized via the support of the domestic manufacturers. Payegan Seal Iranian Company with its entrepreneurship in 1998 has taken initiative as the earliest manufacturer of security seals in Iran, by using the manufacture space and the new machineries and technologies. Evidently the consolidation of the domestic production and the support of the manufacturers require collective efforts, thereby we have seen the potentials and the opportunities to retain customers’ trust and assurance to visit our manufacture space before the order or during the manufacture process of the products.

High-quality design and print

Design and print are the most important elements of the seal manufacture process. Accordingly we have understood this issue and promoted the seals’ security coefficient, therefore in addition to the typical Laser method, we have another type of printing technique that is called Hot Stamping. Hot Stamping is exclusive, providing higher resolution and carvings on the seals, thus it can increase the security coefficient of printing. Payegan Seal Iranian Company is capable to provide both types of Hot Stamping and Laser printing according to the customer’s order.