Descriptions and specifications

Descriptions and specifications

Technical properties:

1) For this type of label, any distortion or alteration causes the emergence of “OPEN VOID” message just on the label, while this message indicates that the label has been opened.

2) These labels indicate the hidden message, when the label is detached, so it indicates that the sticker is removed.

3) These labels include the feature of automatic emergence of the hidden message, therefore they are a great tool of detection of stealing or alteration of your products. Any attempt to manipulate the sticker can be detectable and identified by the appearance of the hidden message.

4) These labels provide a simple detectable method to inspect the goods, thus it can prevent any potential loss.

5) These labels are resistant to heat and cold and any attempt to remove the sticker by using heater or cooling sources is impossible and then the hidden message will appear.

6) A sticker can have a serial number that can prevent copying. The company name, trademark and barcode can also be printed on the label in order to provide higher security.

7) These labels are made of high quality adhesive materials that can be used on almost all surfaces and outdoor and indoor environments.



1) For plumbing important documents and envelopes

2) For plumbing cartons and boxes

3) For plumbing IT tools

4) For plumbing confidential carrier bags

5) For plumbing money boxes

6) For plumbing plastic and glass containers

7) For plumbing military products

8) For plumbing food products

9)  For plumbing discharge valves


Surfaces for usage:

1) Metals: polished or painted or chromium alloys

2) Rigid or soft plastic surfaces

3) Glass

4) Laminated surfaces

5) Carton or fiber

6) Acrylic plastic sheets

7) Wood/Plywood

8) Plastic surfaces that are not greasy.


Technical tips:

The temperature range for PT with underside effect: -30 to +60 °C

For sticking the security labels, the locations indicated below could not be fit appropriately and counted as obstacles:

Oil, dust, moisture, frost, solvent

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